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Israela Becker ~ Non In Solo Pane Vivit Homo

About Me


I am a cognitive linguist who studies language change from the perspective of Construction Grammar (CxG).

I. Becker and M. Ariel. Scaffolding the sentential Ultimate construction into a word: A link-based analysis. Accepted for publication in Constructions and Frames. (preprint available upon request)


I. Becker. Let my speakers talk: Metalinguistic activity can indicate semantic change. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory 20 (2), 289-319 (2024) [link] (preprint available upon request)


I. Becker. It's all about the sentential construction: Lexicalization of complete mono-clausal sentences into words ― Evidence from Hebrew. Studies in Language, 47 (2), 463-504 (2023) [link] (preprint available upon request)

(For a short version of this paper, ~22 minutes, see video)


R. Giora, S. Givoni, and I. Becker. How defaultness affects text production: Resonating with default interpretations of negative sarcasm. In The Diversity of Irony. Walter de Gruyter. 2020. p. 66-77 [pdf]

R. Giora. and I. Becker. S/he is not the most sparkling drink in the pub. Global vs. local cue – Which reigns supreme? Metaphor and Symbol, 34 (3), 141-157 (2019) [pdf]

I. Becker and R. Giora. The Defaultness Hypothesis: A quantitative corpus-based study of non/default sarcasm and literalness production. Journal of Pragmatics, 138, 149-164 (2018) [pdf]

R. Giora, I. Jaffe, I. Becker and O. Fein. Strongly attenuating highly positive concepts: The case of default sarcastic interpretations. Review of Cognitive Linguistics, 16 (1), 19-47 (2018) [pdf]

I. Becker. The good, the not good, and the not beautiful: On the non-obligatoriness of suppression following negation. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, 11 (2), 255-283 (2015) [pdf]

I. Becker and V. Aharonson. Last but definitely not least: On the role of the last sentence in automatic polarity-classification. Proceedings of the ACL 2010 Conference (short papers), 331-335, Uppsala, Sweden, 11-16 July 2010 [pdf]

E. Flaxer, I. Becker, and B. Fisherman. An alternative approach in mechatronics curricular development at AFEKA – Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering and at Tel-Aviv University. IJMEE- The International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education, 36 (3), 266-282 (2008) [pdf]

I. Becker and E. Flaxer. Analyzing the hierarchical organization of text by using biologically-inspired statistical methods. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics, 15 (4), 318-339 (2008) [pdf]

E. Ben-Jacob, I. Becker, Y. Shapira, and H. Levine. Bacterial linguistic communication and social intelligence. Trends in Microbiology, 12 (8), 366-372 (2004) [pdf]

E. Ben-Jacob, Y. Shapira, I. Becker, N. Raichman, V. Volman, E. Hulata, and I. Baruchi. Communication-based regulated freedom of response in bacterial colonies. Physica A, 330 (1-2), 218-231 (2003) [pdf]

J. M. Weber, J. Kim, E. A. Woronowicz, G. H. Weddle, I. Becker, O. Cheshnovsky, and M. A. Johnson. Observation of resonant two-photon photodetachment of water cluster anions via femtosecond photoelectron spectroscopy. Chemical Physics Letters 339, 337-342 (2001) [pdf]

I. Becker and O. Cheshnovsky. Photodetachment studies of extended excited states in I-Xen clusters (n = 1-54). Journal of Chemical Physics 110, 6288-6297 (1999) [pdf]

C. E. H. Dessent, , M. A. Johnson, I. Becker, and O. Cheshnovsky. Electron transfer and charge separation in clusters. In Advances in Chemical Physics: Electron Transfer – from Isolated Molecules to Biomolecules. Vol. 106 (part I). John Wiley & Sons. 1999. p. 265-302 [link, preprint available upon request]

J. Kim, I. Becker, O. Cheshnovsky, and M. A. Johnson. Photoelectron spectroscopy of the “missing” hydrated electron clusters (H2O)n-, n = 3, 5, 8 and 9: isomers and continuity with the dominant clusters n = 6, 7 and ≥11. Chemical Physics Letters 297, 90-96 (1998) [pdf]

I. Becker and O. Cheshnovsky. A combined mass gate – energy discriminator. Review of Scientific Instruments 68, 4625-4626 (1997) [pdf]

I. Becker, G. Markovich, and O. Cheshnovsky. Bound delocalized excited states in I-Xen clusters. Physical Review Letters 79, 3391-3394 (1997) [pdf]

I. Becker and O. Cheshnovsky. The decay of Pyrazine and Pyrazine-D4 in supersonic jets: Isotope effects. Journal of Chemical Physics 101, 3649-3655 (1994) [pdf]


Dissertations and Theses

אִם זֶמֶר שִׁיר מִזֶּה הוֹצֵאנוּ / אַל נִתְנַכֵּר לוֹ יְדִידַי / אַל נִתְיָחֵס נָא אֶל עַצְמֵנוּ / בְכוֹבֶד רֹאש מֻפְרָז מִדַּי

(“נתן אלתרמן, מתוך שיר סיום, “שלמה המלך ושלמי הסנדלר)


From Yiddish to Hebrew
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Last updated 12 July 2024
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